How KS3c Can Help

KS3c Self-Build Angel is aimed at those managing their own building projects

When you watch “Grand Designs” on TV you will often hear Kevin McCloud express deep concern when the services of an architect or other professional are not retained through the build.  This is particularly true for the more ambitious projects that feature in that programme.

“Grand Designs” is television entertainment however and all the projects scrape through various crises eventually, often through the strength of character rather than technical expertise of the valiant homeowners. Much as these people love their remarkable new houses their stories too often involve lengthy delays and significant cost overruns.

“Prevent a hiccup becoming a crisis..”

The most assured route is to retain the services of your designer but professional fees can seem expensive once the design is complete and planning and regulation approvals are in place, and most projects are less demanding than those featured on “Grand Designs”. 

Despite the stories from other TV programmes such as “Cowboy Builders” the majority go well enough if not without an occasional stressful moment. KS3c Self-Build Angel bridges that gap by being on call to prevent a hiccup becoming a crisis, but without the burden of full professional fees from beginning to end.